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Why the New Nintendo 2DS Makes a Ton of Business Sense

At the end of April, Nintendo surprised the game industry by announcing the New Nintendo 2DS. A very sleek updated model of the 3DS/2DS family that launched on July 28th for $149.99. But why exactly?


With the Nintendo Switch off to a great start, selling 2.74 million units in the first month of release, it could be a little curious as to why Nintendo would turn around and announce another "new" system so quickly.

But it actually makes a lot of business sense to do so. Currently the Nintendo 3DS system has sold around 65 million units. That's more than any other current game system or handheld including the PS4. The install base for Nintendo with the 2DS/3DS family is huge and not something Nintendo should cast aside just yet.


The New Nintendo 2DS also helps differentiate the Switch from Nintendo's older system. The New 3DS has remained at $199.99 and the Switch launched at $299.99; by releasing the New 2DS system at $149.99, it allows Nintendo to cut some costs and release a premium item in the Switch and a value system with the New 2DS at half the price. While Nintendo can sell the Switch to hardcore gamers, tech geeks, and older audiences with disposable income; they can also sell the New 2DS to parents who want to get gifts for their kids, but don't necessarily want to be spending $300 for a game system for each child. It also provides a value for someone who is waiting for a price drop on the Switch, while enjoying a larger library of games to choose from. Those people can opt for the New 2DS now and the Switch in another year or two.

Nintendo still has plenty of good titles coming out in 2017 and most likely 2018 as well. Some of the well known titles coming out this year are: Fire Emblem Echoes - Shadows of Velentia, Ever Oasis, Hey Pikmin! Miitopia, Yokai Watch 2: Psychic Specters and Monster Hunter Stories. Not to mention Dragon Quest 8 which came out at the beginning of the year.


Nintendo is likely to continue making and selling 3DS games for at least another year or two. Games that were originally released on Wii U have since been ported to the 3DS in order to generate even more sales for the company because of the system's larger install base. And like their Mobile games, Nintendo can use the sales of the 3DS titles to help push the Switch and develop new games for their latest console. By launching a more affordable New Nintendo 2DS, this will allow Nintendo to get a little more life out of the 3DS generation before moving full bore into the Switch and beyond.

How did you react to Nintendo's announcement of the New 2DS? Do you like the look? Are you looking to buy one, or are you just ready to move onto the Switch at this point?

Jeffrey Brown

Jeffrey Brown

A 10 year game industry veteran spending most of my time in QA and Project Management. I grew up a huge Nintendo fan, but enjoy all consoles. Outside of games I coach basketball & enjoy live music.

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